The Markthalle Innsbruck

Enjoyment right at the heart of Innsbruck

A sip here, a little taste there, sampling, strolling around, fresh produce from the field and trees, tasty treats from the farmhouse, from the farm, from the butcher… fine wines and spirits from all around the globe, delicious cheeses, catch of the day… in between, a little glass here and a tasting there, meeting people, catching up with friends..

Our vision for the Markthalle in Innsbruck is the dialogue from the people who inspire it. The faces that stand opposite each other on a daily basis as customer and vendor, market woman and consumer, with their products and requirements, knowledge and questions, background and demand, quirks and angles, their humour and their personality.

In this way, we bring enjoyment and people together. We’re delighted to see you here, too…

Warmest regards, Kurt Dengg
Head of Marketing


Welcome to the Markthalle Innsbruck’s world of freshness. Here, farmers and butchers, florists and delicatessen specialists, fruit and vegetable vendors or suppliers of herbs and fresh fish present their products on a daily basis. Come and be amazed!


Cheers and bon appétit! The variety knows no limits and we are international! It’s this blend of culinary worlds accompanied by flavourful libations and select beverages that makes dining with us such a wonderfully delicious experience – before, during and after your shopping!

Pleasure on a very honest level!

Earthy, natural, primeval, limited in supply. Grown naturally, harvested with great care and delivered directly by the farmers the short way to the Markthalle Innsbruck: The Markthalle is first and foremost a fresh market for domestic produce. But in addition, we have sought out the contrast of foreign, international pleasures for our establishment. This symbiosis and the people that you will get to know under our roof make the Markthalle Innsbruck simply liveable and loveable

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