We are driven by the desire for dialogue and engaging with others, accompanied by exquisite foodstuffs and delicacies.

We’re driven by the needs of our customers and by finding the right offers and products for our patrons. We’re driven by the conversation, the faces, the listening and dealing, together with the freshness of the crisp products of our Tyrolean farms, the select deli items from our international vendors and supplemented perfectly by a culinary and epicurean conclusion in the gastronomy of the Markthalle Innsbruck. Can you feel this movement….?

Our Markthalle philosophy is based on four principles:
ethics, quality, dynamics and creativity!


Our trade is in harmony with our conscience and our ethical values regarding dignity, morality and the willingness to perform to the best of our ability. We feel bound by these values both personally and professionally.


Uncompromising quality is the engine for the constant improvement in all services, in which the efficiency of individual products, services and processes is to be developed further on a continuous basis.


Flexibility, productivity, motivation and engagement “accelerate” our activities to a congenial degree.
We create purchasing and working conditions that make it possible for every individual to fully develop his/her potential and to collaborate successfully with mutual trust and respect.


Our sometimes quite crazy thoughts and ideas of today are our strengths of tomorrow. The courage to change and the allowing of theoretical change processes are the basis for a practical and successful implementation.

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