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Because we would like to stay in touch with our customers, guests and friends, we have put together on this website some useful information in a dialogue between the Markthalle, the stand operators, the vendors, the farmers and you, as consumer, customer, gourmet and guest.

This website is designed to be a dialogue, a platform and a meeting place for exchange, for ideas and also to formulate requests and generate innovation. You are thus warmly welcome to publish here your best recipes, too, that use the ingredients of our Markthalle stall vendors. Anonymously or with your name, please write and tell us about it at The same applies of course to feedback on our services, your requests for something new here or there, or for an event that you would like to organise in amongst fresh produce and in a culinary ambience…


It's not the classics that we would like to pass on here in a select circle. Rather it is the light, creative cuisine with the sensational mix of domestic produce and flavours, spices and ingredients from the Far East, the Orient or South America that we would like to honour here with one or two recipes.



Always close by, right at the heart of the city…
2 car parks and free parking with purchases of over €15! You'll find these services and much more service information here. And if you still can't find the information you need, drop us a line at


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Our Markthalle is looking for all things associated with enjoyment and experiences… eating, drinking, pleasure, experiencing, presenting, impressing, celebrating…


Lots going on in the Markthalle Innsbruck.

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