Markthalle to rent

Our vision for the Markthalle is the integration of art and culture – matched to the products and the exhibitors.

And the path through the hall, which can be lined with themed products as you go. A company celebration in go-around, a Christmas party with every course in a different establishment, with fixed start times, like a golf tournament… A sip there, a little taste here, sampling, strolling around, fresh produce from the field and trees, tasty treats from the farmhouse, from the farm, from the butcher… fine wines and spirits from all around the globe, delicious cheeses, the catch of the day… in between, a little glass here and a tasting there, meeting people, catching up with friends. And in between, your products, your services, staged uniquely and presented in a completely new way.

Make an impression with the Markthalle Innsbruck!

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