Opening hours:
MO - SA 11:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m.
Summer dishes until 9:00 p.m.

Since summer 2022, the Alpenbox has been bringing life to the west side of the market hall with a diverse range of regional offerings. With a variety of premium products from local partners, the Alpenbox emphasizes regional collaboration and sustainability. The Alpenbox exclusively works with renowned regional partners, including the artisanal ice cream maker Hitzefrei from Thaur, the syrup producer Nako, Zillertaler beer, and the esteemed coffee roastery Nosko.

These close partnerships enable the Alpenbox to offer its visitors unique and high-quality products. Whether you prefer a cozy Aperol or delicious fish and chips to go, the Alpenbox has something suitable for every taste. Particularly recommended are the freshly caught alpine shrimp, directly produced by a partner company in Hall in Tirol. These exquisite delicacies are a true delight for the palate and a testament to the culinary diversity of the Alpine region.

The Alpenbox places great importance on quality and sustainability. By using high-quality regional ingredients, it actively supports the local economy and contributes to community empowerment. As a proud member of this interconnected community, the Alpenbox is excited to present the treasures of the region to its visitors. Visitors of the Alpenbox can look forward to a pleasant atmosphere in the market hall location.

The Alpenbox invites you to be inspired by the passion for regional products and delicious food, and to discover the diversity of the local cuisine.

Contact details:
Alpenaquafarm Tirol GmbH
Brockenweg 1
6060 Hall in Tirol
T +43 681 10732540



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