Frank's Oliven

Opening hours:
MO - FR 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
SA 8:00 a. m. - 1:00 p. m.

Olives and more? In addition to olives from Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Portugal, France and Spain, this specialty store also offers self-produced spreads and pastes based on tomato, curd or feta cheese. Various antipasti - from sweet and sour to spicy hot, dips such as salsa verde, pesto, hummus, harissa and olive tapenade and pickled sheep's cheese Franks Olives recommend for any appetizer accompaniment.

Their own production is guided by the purity law and the desire to experiment, always offering something new and tasty. A selection of olive oils, vinegars and spices complete the range.

Contact details:
Fa. Frank’s Oliven
Inhaber Frank Triebert
Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 1-3
6020 Innsbruck, Austria

T +43 664 320 55 37



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